SRES participated in the Mass Demonstration of all Central / State Government Employees against NPS in New Delhi on 10.08.2023 at Ram Lila Maidan
An interview given by Sri.P.S.Suriyaprakasam, JGS/NFIR & GS/SRES to Ms. Pavitra Utgikar, Journalist / The Probe, News Media Platform regarding
Mass Protest organised by Workshop Division in front of Ponmalai Workshops on 29.03.2022
PLB for 2020-21
Protest at CWM CW office
Protest at DSL TNP
Protest at GM office on 17 09 2021
Protest at GOC on 13 09 2021
Press Meet - Protest at MDU
Protest day meeting held at GM Office complex on 22.6.2012 between 13.00 to 14.00 hrs