Title Action
30th NFIR Convention held at Secunderabad from 5th to 7th Sep 2022 Preview
NFIR PNM with Railway Board held on 15th & 16th July, 2022". Preview
Staff Contact Programme of SRES Salem Division from Tirupathur to Dasampatti on 29.06.2022 and from Dasampatti to Bommidi Section on 7.7.2022. Preview
131st Birthday celebration of Dr.Ambedkar's on 14.04.2022 by SRES Cadre at various locations. Preview
Dr.Ambethkar Birthday Celebration at Perambur Wagon Branch at Carriage Works by SRES cadre on 13.04.2022. Preview
Protest Meeting organised by SRES on 28 & 29 March 2022. Preview
SRES Cadre participated in the 234th NFIR Working Committee Meeting held at Amritsar on 23rd & 24th of March 2022. Preview
Women's Day 2022 - Celebrated by SRES Cadre. Preview
Memorandum presented to Dr.Prasanna Kumar, DG/RHS by SRES, affiliates of NFIR on 12.03.2022. Preview
Memorandum presented to the Hon'ble Smt. Darshana Jardosh, Minister of State for Railways by SRES on 02.03.2022. Preview