Date. Descriptions Action
2021-12-04 Containment of rapid spread of Covid-19 second wave and adhering the MoCA,F&PD order Preview
2021-06-19 Maintenance and preparation of APAR Preview
2021-06-19 Problems facing by the Front line staff of SM, TC & CC due to inordinate delay in arranging Imprest cash Preview
2021-06-10 Re-imbursement – Cost of Covid 19 vaccine Preview
2021-05-25 Engagement of Para Medical Staff on Contract basis Preview
2021-05-25 Hardship facing by Traffic Staff of KBT-SVF Section and Guards of AJJ Preview
2021-05-24 Filling up of vaccines of Nursing Superintendents from staff working in lower grade by promotion in Railways Preview
2021-05-13 Vaccination to Railway employees and Request for grant of 2 days SCL-converted Preview
2021-05-12 Measures to contain spread of Covid 19 Preview
2021-05-06 Synopsis of problems facing by Track Machine Staff Preview