Date. Descriptions Action
2022-03-29 Defective policy decision on eligibility service Preview
2020-12-10 Hard working conditions and inadequate training Preview
2020-12-10 Harmonization of the cadre structure of Medical Preview
2020-12-10 Provision of GP 4200 in PB-2-Level-6 of 7th CPC Preview
2020-12-10 Implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC - Para Preview
2020-07-06 Covid-l9 pandemic-Need for deferment of D & AR enquires (major penalty) Preview
2020-03-20 Selection for promotion to the post of Junior Engineer in Pay Level -6 Preview
2020-03-20 Comprehensive transfer policy - exemption from 5 years service condition Preview
2020-03-20 Denial of minimum pay of the pay bank (VI CPC) to the Senior Nursing Superintendents Preview
2020-03-20 Stagnation of staff in Group D posts in Accounts Department on Southern Railway Preview