Then, the management for the first time, in order to prevent strike, introduced a Service Agreement for Perambur Workshops. Workers did not easily sign these forms. In December 1913, workers agitated for getting a reasonable walking time between the time and the Shop ticket boards. The management did not concede their just
demand. Therefore, on 19-12-1913 the workers in a group took their tokens from the
Time Office, went to their shops to hang their tickets in ticket boards, which was pre-
vented by the foremen of the C.B. Shop. Workers did not disperse from the Board. The foreman and other officials tried to explain to the agitated men who retorted with violence and Workers Manager's advice was also not heeded, the entire Workshop employees collected all kinds of missilies available and went to the office, the Deputy Superintendent, Loco and carriage by name P.G. Porteous scenting violence, pre- pared himself ready to face the surging workers. When the workers neared the office, he shot at them with his revolver. Bro. Natesan, Carpenter, C.B. Shop fell dead, Bro. Seeyala Naicker, Fitter, Erecting Shop also died. The local police who were called in could not maintain law and order. Therefore, soldiers from Fort St. George came on horse back and dispersed the workers from the workshop. The police arrested Mr. Portuous and let him on bail. After a week, Perambur Workshop was re-opened on 2-
1-1914, when 75 workers were identified by the management for creating troubles and cases were lodged against them. The court sentenced 12 of them to imprisonment ranging from 6 to 18 months. Some of the workers involved in the case are as under; -

1. Madurai Pillai of Chintadripet (CB shop) wounded.
2. Kollapuri of Villivakkam (CB shop) wounded.
3. Thangavelu of Kosapet (CB shop) wounded.
4. Kathirvelu of Kosapet (CB shop) wounded.
5. Arumugam (CB shop).
6. Shanmugam (CB shop).
7. Murugesan (CR shop).
8. Chengalvarayan (E. shop).
9. Thangavelu Mudaliar (M. shop).
10. Natesan (Fitting shop)
11. Vaidyanathan (CR shop).
12. Subramaniam (Triming shop).
13. Doraiswami Naicker (CB shop),


Under this untolerable and inhuman conditions, the workers were anxious for an organization, but no one came forward, on the other hand the management tried its utmost in discouraging the formation of trade union by threats and victimisation.At this juncture, Dr. Annie Besant with the assistance of Dr. G.S. Arundale and Shri B.P. Wadia started the Home Rule Movement which gave a fillip to the workers. Trade Union Movement to fulfil the desire of the workers took a concrete shape from a Bhajan Mandir called Sri Venkatesa Gunamritha Varshini Sabha in Demellows Road, Perambur Barracks. Under the keen care of of Shri G. Seivapathy Chetty and late Shri G. Ramanjalu Naidu Weekly religious discourse were held underthe auspices of the Sabha where prominent leaders like shri V.O. Chidambaram Pillai, Shri.V.Srinivasa Iyengar, Shri T.V. Kalyanasundaram Mudaliar etc., participated. Since Perambur Barracks is a locality of the working class, the workers used to attend this discourse. Naturally, the difficulties which the workers were undergoing in their industry used to be discussed and Shri Ramanjalu Naidu assisted them by written representations. Shri B.P. Wadia